Name: RAJ Red Tamjanika

Variety: Black Tamjanika

Type of wine: Red (Black) Wine

Alcohol: 14%

Quantity: 0.75lt


Red (Black) Wine

RED (Known as Black) TAMJANIKA is an ancient grape variety, rare in the world, and a characteristic wine of our area of Eastern Serbia. In this region it has been grown since the middle of the XIV century. The wine is a powerful red, with an intense muscular flavour, a full and balanced taste with excellent persistence of aroma. The wine has remained in oak barrels for 4 months.

RAJ RED TAMJANIKA is best served at temperatures of 16 to 18 ℃. It is recommended for combining with foods such as veal, turkey and chicken.

Price: 1000 Serb Dinar (plus VAT).

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