Which glass to choose?

A wine drinking culture is common to the whole world. Every wine, red, white, pink or sparkling, requires its own shape of the glass, in addition to the other criteria that are needed to truly experience the charm of a wine. Since we are committed to the process of winemaking, our idea is to use […]

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Cake and wine? Why not?

Raj Winery is always looking for food and wine combinations. Since we are also great lovers of delicacies, we will share our impressions of Choco-orange cakes and Raj Zenit 2016. “I have a real treat for you!” said Biljana, listening to the recipe, & knowing we were great chocolate lovers. The next day, she surprised […]

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World Quality Award to Winery Raj

This is the moment to start writing about wines, food, life in the vineyards and what that wonderful life brings. We are immensely happy to be able to share with you the story of the wines that brought us these medals. It all started like this: We had explored carefully, and come up with an […]

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