Cake and wine? Why not?

Raj Winery is always looking for food and wine combinations. Since we are also great lovers of delicacies, we will share our impressions of Choco-orange cakes and Raj Zenit 2016.

“I have a real treat for you!” said Biljana, listening to the recipe, & knowing we were great chocolate lovers. The next day, she surprised us in Rajac with a cake in her hands. We were thrilled because, as the works in the winery were completed, we thought we deserved a break.

Choco-orange Cake

Biljana normally prepares catering for the Raj Winery, which always fits perfectly with our wines. Her salty deacons, carefully and imaginatively decorated, according to recipes known only to her, supplement the taste of both red and white wines. “The Mystery of the Masters,” Biljana says with a smile. It was unbelievable to surprise us with her skill, nourish our eyes and soul, and that’s why we entrusted this task to her, knowing that we would be treated with another fantastic plate for the palate.

Decorated with candied orange, enriched with roasted walnuts, chocolate and butter, this cake is easily prepared, but goes quickly. It is impossible to eat only one piece! Biljana prepared her candied orange herself, because she says that the cake gets a special taste. With a well-cooled Raj Zenit, soft Choco-Orange released the fragrant notes of the wine, and in turn she magnified the taste of chocolate.

Raj Zenit is a dry wine made up of a variety of Semillion which was placed in Inox tanks until the filling itself. The wine is crystal clear, a bright yellow-green color, with varietal odor, pleasant and smooth. The best refreshment in these tropical days, well-cooled Zenit gave us a beautiful aroma of field flowers in a glass, and the Choco-orange cake perfected its taste.

Raj Zenit

Imagine a hot summer night with cold Zenit and a chocolate cake. Real pleasure, right?

If you have not had the opportunity to try a pure Semillion up to now we recommend that you do so. We can boast that we are one of the few winemakers who have given a chance to Semillion, to win over the hearts of wine lovers.

Last but not least;

Biljana, thanks for the imagination, originality, long-term cooperation and true friendship!

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