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Name: RAJ Game

Variety: Gamay

Type of wine: Red Wine

Alcohol: 14,5 %

Quantity: 0.75l




With more than 260 sunny days per year Game (Gamay), from our vineyards, reactivates the old flavour and spirit of the times in which an authentic and rich culture of wine was fostered. The wine has a dark ruby colour, varietal aroma and is fruity. The taste is characterized by fullness, alcoholic strength and balanced acids that highlight the fruitiness and a moderate bitterness.

The wine has a good persistent aroma, RAJ GAME is best served at a temperature of 16 to 18 ° C. Game is a red wine with low levels of tannins and high acidity, and as such is ideal for a combination of chicken or fish stew, boiled meats, podvarkom or stronger overly fermented cheeses.


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