Summer in Rajac

There is a lot going on in Rajac this summer.

The reconstruction of our roads is finally underway so that tourists, both domestic and foreign, will be able to reach Rajac more easily than in previous years. We are really happy that this region is getting the investment it deserves.

The historic buildings of Rajac, a cemetery dating from the 16th to the 20th century, pimnice and a series of alleyways between them that stop time … The villagers with drinking stories and a glass of wine or brandy give a special charm to the stone buildings.

The originator of catering services in the pimnice belongs to Miroslav Karamančić. He will serve you the tastes and smells of the food of this area, and you can experience the view of the valley, which is wonderful, by resting in front of his pimnice. Remember to keep a glass in your hand & full.

Pimnica Sveti Trifun

Our friends Sanja and Sasha, owners of the C’est la Vie pimnica, in addition to meals masterly prepared, continue to enjoy the magical notes on Sasha’s guitar. The music, the delicious food, the wines, bring out the true charm of this place.

Pimnica C’est La Vie

Rajac is located on the Timok River. Already in May, the enjoyment has begun – Regatta – Merry Descent, which has had international significance for years. On the river, that day is a river of boats. Guitars, harmonica, lots of wine and brandy, meze, and a smile on her face. Unforgettable!!!

Regata na reci Timok

And in the summer … You can spend your days at the carefully arranged beach where you can make barbecues, dishes on the plate, cook beans, and whatever. The water is wonderful for swimming. The trees around the beach provide shade and the sound of the river endlessly offers peace, which, we must admit, is a need for everyone.

If you decide to spend a few days in Rajac and visit other wine villages in the area, you can also book accommodation. Vila Milenovic and C’est la Vie provide guests with a meal. Imagine the countryside in the morning with a smiling hostess who made the perfect breakfast and coffee to start the day…

View of Winery Raj

And if you decide to go further to the north, you can find a perfect place to rest in Kladovo. Atrijum Apartments in addition to regular catering services can organize beautiful adventures on the Danube River.

Neither is our winery short of news. As reconstruction work is nearing completion, we will soon be able to contribute to the development of wine tourism. A tasting room will be ready soon and we will be able to receive visitors and introduce them to wines. The location of the tasting room offers a wonderful view of the vineyards of Rajac.

We will not talk anymore because we want you to visit us and see for yourself.

August has already arrived, if you have a few days off, use them to visit us.

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