Tamjanika Week and Tamjanika Festival 2019

TAMJANIKA … Authentic … Mysterious … Tempting … True sweetness for the palate! A real delight for wine lovers!

That’s why she has her own week! This is the second Week of Tamjanika in Belgrade, where the goal is to promote this grape variety, and where wine lovers can meet and fall in love with Tamjanika. This is a perfect opportunity to walk to a nearby wine shop, restaurant or bar and find out why it is so special.

As a cherry on top of the cake, on Saturday, the Tamjanika Festival in Belgrade is held at the Radisson Collection Hotel. The festival starts at 5 pm and lasts until 11 pm. We invite you to take this fantastic opportunity and lift your afternoon with our Tamjanika’s – Raj White Tamjanika and Raj Red Tamjanika.

Raj White Tamjanika

Raj White Tamjanika is a dry wine, which is a rarity where Bela Tamjanika is concerned, so that is why we decided to take this step. A specific variety requires special work and imagination to be perfect. Therefore, it is best to try and judge for yourself. We can boast that this year she received a gold medal for quality at the Honey and Wine Fair in Negotin, Serbia, more proof of why we are so proud of it.

Raj Red Tamjanika

Raj Red Tamjanika is characterized by the specific taste donated from oak barrels. The wine has a dark red colour, and another feature is that it is best served at a temperature of 10-12 degrees, which explains why it is different from other red wines. This wine is gentle and subtle and fits perfectly with cakes and other dessert. Ladies are more determined for her precisely because of these characteristics.

So we came to the conclusion that at this Tamjanika festival we offer our ladies a special discount on the purchase of Raj White Tamjanika and Raj Red Tamjanika. We believe that the boys will be occupied by the Champions League on Saturday and that the ladies should get their 5 minutes.

Ladies, tell your friends, sisters and mums, and visit us at the booth.

We are expecting you!

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