Team Building with partners of ”Balcanica Superior” on the beautiful Blue Danube

A few weekends ago, we organized a meeting with the partners of the brand ”Balcanica Superior” – pimnica (Winery) ”C’est La Vie” from Rajac, Marina ” Trinity ” from Tekija, restaurant ” Jezero ” and ” Atrijum Apartments ” from Kladovo.

We enjoyed the charms of Europe’s most beautiful river, the fast and merciless Danube, along which many indescribable beauties are hidden. The spirit of Eastern Serbia in all its glory gave us an incredible experience and pleasure.

The team day started early. Sometime around 6 in the morning, with the first cockerel, we also woke up. Full of enthusiasm, the fishing team could hardly wait to see the blue of the Danube before us after an hour’s drive. Armed with goodwill, fishing rods and wine, we were greeted with laughter and cheerfulness at noon, even though our luck in fishing deserted us.

Fishing on the Danube

Our host from Tekija, the ”Trinity” marina, was waiting for us. Sanja and Sasha from C’est La Vie, the Rajac Pimnica (Winery) were also ready for the adventure. It’s worth the hurry, because the Danube has a lot to show.

Kazan Dunav

We continued in good spirits, and our guide Sasha tickled our imagination with the magic of the Danube. So we passed Small and Big Kazan, the place where the Danube in this part of the Djerdap Gorge is narrowest, a real sight to remember.

There were many strong eddies in Kazan earlier, which made the surface of the water restless and seemed to boil, and in the Middle Ages the Turks gave this part of Djerdap the name Kazan.

We drove past King Decebal’s sculpture, which is a true homage to the last ruler of Dacan. The stunning 40-meter-high rock sculpture is breathtaking in its size, reminiscent of the history of this part of the Djerdap Gorge.

Sculpture of King Decebal

We toured the Trajan Plaque, the place where the Roman emperor Nerva Trajan, 1900 years ago, marked the completion of the work on his river route, which represents only one in a series of his amazing architectural exploits.

Trajan’s Plaque

The weather served us, the wind also, we managed to use this ‘Indian’ summer just as it should be.

C’est La Vie and Winery Raj team

Our boat arrived at the Tekija marina at lunch time, so filled with impressions that the Danube stirred up in us, that we went via Kladovo to the restaurant “Jezero”. This cult place, where the movie “And God Created a Coffee Singer” was filmed, one of the popular Yugoslavian films, is an elite restaurant full of the history of Kladovo, the restaurant owners and the people who have walked, ate and loved their time here.

Beka i Jovana

The smiling faces of the restaurant’s hosts, Steva and Jovana, did not give us the impression that we were struggling with exceptional food. The deft team of this restaurant, and the chef’s magic, left us breathless. Various dishes roared, and every time we thought it was over, they would surprise us with a new course. We tried 5 dishes, if you ask us to choose the best, well it’s impossible to decide. The food activated all our senses, and we can tell you that the crackling pate knocked us off our feet.

We combined Zenit with fish, while our 2012 Plot fitted perfectly with the meats.

Hedonism lasted late into the night, and finally we were received by the Atrium Apartments.

The friendly staff led us to the modern rooms, with comfortable mattresses, with peace and quiet that made us wake up rested and chilled. It really deserves every of the 4 stars.

The next morning, the restaurant hosts surprised us once again before returning home, a mini Zoo not far from the town centre. We were the first to be greeted by the pony Srecko (Lucky), who bears that name for a reason. We had a hard time separating from him, and almost everyone was left without shoe laces. We separated from Srecko, and our host from our White Tamjanika, which you can now drink when you visit this wonderful place, which is open daily until 7pm.

Great impressions, hosts at the height of their assignments, and we, well we have already recorded a return date.

If you are nearby don’t miss these attractions. Serbia is small, but it has incredible magic, & untouched nature that is able to awaken a special feeling in everyone.

Welcome to Raj Winery for the next adventure and partners of ”Balcanica Superior” brand. Cheers!

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