Time for all of us

This is for those in households who are lucky enough to live with their parents, grandfathers and grandmothers.

There is a way to get the ‘best’ out of this global problem that touches everyone and everything. You now have time to think, learn from new online courses, tutorials for body exercises, sewing, painting, repairing, remodelling. It is essential that you have the will to experience these difficult times for the entire planet; but stay positive.

Have you had the opportunity to spend time with your Mother or Grandmother these days, or with both of them? Would it be nice to prepare lunch with them and chat about how it used to be, in past times, where everything seemed magical, while chopping vegetables? Now is the time for something like that. To listen to them. To have new moments with them that you will remember forever. Every one of our Mums or Grandmothers has survived this situation, perhaps more than once. How did they cope with their careers, household chores and children while still being cheerful, smiling, refined? They may have a recipe for yeast-free buns and even know how to make yeast. You might teach you how to make your favourite cake that you weren’t able to perfect. Let them teach you something new.

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Talk with your Dad, or your Grandfather. Buy Dad a lotto ticket because he is sure, that if not this Tuesday, he will get the prize he has been waiting for all his life on Friday. Listen to his plans for all the money. Watch the embers in the eyes of the eternal boy as he explains to you his plans. He may be born with the idea of ​​trying something new, and creating a family history from it. You know that through life he had to re-learn how to make enough money for the whole family. How a bicycle is repaired, a tire changed, how an old piece of furniture is restored. The experience it develops has no cost. And Grandad? Grandads are a special source of knowledge. The skills that these gentlemen have acquired are gained through experience, hard work, honesty. It is first-hand information. Countless themes of charm, jokes, family, work, life.

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Play with your kids. Listen carefully to what they are saying. Remind yourself how to play as a schoolgirl, football ‘at stake’, basketball ‘1 on 1’, how to make gorgeous dresses for Barbi’s from old scarves. Remember your favourite childhood cartoon and watch it with your child. Read, colour, talk. Those first sympathies and the problems around them. Inform your child of your experiences. Let them teach you new technologies, games, abbreviations in endless correspondence with modern society. They have to hear you, they certainly have nowhere to escape to. Inspire them with your profession, the sport you love, hobbies you pursue, or better yet, create a common hobby with them. It doesn’t have to be complicated, talking over a cup of tea in their room may be enough. Make a list of songs you loved at their age and listen to it together.

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All together at the table; at the same time. Place the most beautiful tablecloth you have. Put on the most beautiful cutlery, glasses, bowls, and napkins. Put on your most beautiful clothes, have a haircut. Open a bottle of wine, or two, or more. It doesn’t matter if that ‘festive lunch’ will be macaroni with cheese or chicken in mushroom sauce. Whether it will be apple and quince compote or Gabon cake for dessert. What matters is what you share it together. That is love for one another. Luck that you are all together. A moment you will forever remember.

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Talk to relatives who are distant. Make a plan to meet when all this is over. Remember how you used to hang about as a kid, and how your parents used to hang about in their youth. Provide comfort, support. Laugh together. Greet your life. Make plans.

There are also our pets; dogs, cats, parrots. Teach them new tricks and share their skills online. There are never enough clips of animals. They make us laugh with their miseries and blow us with their emotions. They are happy to be with you all day. Watch the fish tank. Do you agree that those shades of green and blue soothe the mind? And the dance of fish and water-grass waving will certainly turn your mind, at least for a moment, to the sunny beaches of the sea, rivers, lakes.

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And stay consistent. Wait in line. Keep your distance. For your own sake, for their sake, for everyone else’s sake. Spend rationally. Except for the wine. Spend wine on love, health and wishes.

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