Weekend of wonderful events

Whether you are in Belgrade, or you are planning a route to South Serbia, more precisely to the city of Blace, the Raj Winery will give you the opportunity to spend the afternoon with us.

This weekend we are expecting two events that will introduce, or remind wine lovers, of our wines.

The first festival TOP FEST will be held on Friday, 7th June starting from 1:00 PM. Selected wineries, & friends in the industry, will gather and present their wines. So far we have not had the opportunity to visit this city and we decided that the invitation to participate in TOP FEST is the right moment to finally experience Blace in the right way, with wine and conversation. Although Blace is a small town, it has many wine lovers. Visit us at IN Hotel, in the city center. Our general manager Beka, and salesman Milan, will be on the stand.

Tamjanika deserves special attention, so she has her day!

On Saturday, 8th June we will take part in the Tamjanika Festival in Belgrade, which will be held in the front yard of the Radisson Collection Hotel. This festival was scheduled to be held last weekend, but due to weather conditions the event was postponed for this Saturday. We remind you that the festival starts from 5:30 PM and will last up to 11:00 PM. A pleasant atmosphere, with love for wine. What more do we need?

We did not forget about the discount for shopping. We are staying in our action to offer special discounts for Raj White Tamjanika and Raj Red Tamjanika. So, ladies, join us on the stand.

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