Which glass to choose?

A wine drinking culture is common to the whole world. Every wine, red, white, pink or sparkling, requires its own shape of the glass, in addition to the other criteria that are needed to truly experience the charm of a wine.

Since we are committed to the process of winemaking, our idea is to use our imagination and present our wines in a unique way. It also suits the story of wine and glasses.

Do you feel more sophisticated when tasting wine from a nice suitable wine glass? The smell of wine itself will be different, as will the taste and the experience of drinking wine.

Depending on the amount of sugar in the wine, white wines can be dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet. Our white wines, Raj Zenit, Raj White Tamjanika and Raj Sova are dry wines.

Raj Zenit, from the pure Semion (Semillion) grape, is characterized by the scents of dry meadow flowers and a light yellow-green colour.

Raj Sova, pure White Sauvignon (Sauvignon Blanc), sprinkled with fine acacia tones, has a light yellow colour and a varietal odour, with a full taste and mild vibrate acids.

Raj Bela Tamjanika is a Muscat wine of light yellow colour where the taste of flowers and fruits is recognized. It lay in Inox tanks until the filling itself, thus preserving the original taste of the white incense and letting it conquer our hearts with its freshness and tenderness.

Now, when we are introduced to white wines, it is a moment to recommend from which glass to drink such wines.

Since Raj Zenit and Raj White Tamjanika are a lighter body, which means they have a more tender taste, and floral or fruity fragrance, the best effect will come from glasses that are just recommended for these kinds of wines.

Raj Sova is a more intense character, and it will go with a glass that will disperse the smells of Sauvignon and acacia tones.

Red wines can also be dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet. Due to the geographical location of Rajac, red wines are characterized by fullness, higher alcohol content and more pronounced colour. Raj Plot, Raj Game and Raj Black Tamjanika are dry wines.

Raj Plot is a bouquet of famous varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This wine lay in a barrique barrel for 12 months. We recommend decanting because it achieves a greater amount of flavour and aroma.

Red Tamjanika is a wine that is cooled to 12◦C for serving. The wine has a deep red colour, intense muscular odour, full and balanced taste with excellent aroma persistence provided by oak barrels.

The French consume Game as a young wine (Božule). Our Gamay is stronger in sugar and alcohol. Because of this, RAJ Game is a more robust wine, the character of which is complemented by oak barrels.

Wine is a game, tattered, enchanting and always interesting. No wine is the same, and everyone finds the way to his lover.

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