World Quality Award to Winery Raj

This is the moment to start writing about wines, food, life in the vineyards and what that wonderful life brings. We are immensely happy to be able to share with you the story of the wines that brought us these medals.

It all started like this:

We had explored carefully, and come up with an idea to send samples to the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London. We were cautiously selecting which labels to pack. Thinking for days, consulting with commercialists, tasting wines (which cannot be that difficult, can it?). We decided that our premium wines Raj Plot 2012 and Raj Game 2015 can compete with world wines.

No, we did not make a mistake.

We consulted with our winemaker- magician Goran, he proposed that we send Raj Game 2015. That year, the Gamay variant made a miracle, in cooperation with the valuable hands of Sloba and his team. Goran and Zoran, with their skills and tricks, made a wine that intrigues with taste and aroma, precious, fascinating, and that returns to the centuries of real glory of this wonderful variety that grows in the Rajac vineyards.

Raj Plot, from 2012, is the wine that always opened doors for us. A special note of barricaded barrels created a special flavor, and it is precisely that one that gives Plot this special aroma. The taste of cherry and blackberries captivates wine lovers. It seemed to us that it was time for the wine to receive its recognition.

We are really proud of the awards won by our wines at this year’s world competition. In addition to the great and strong competition with which our wines encountered, we still hoped for good results and were well prepared to celebrate. Thus, our wine once again proved why we are so proud of them. Receiving medals by world wine experts is an impressive admission we hoped for. It is a great honor that experts like Michelle Cherutti-Kowal, Dawn Davies and Philip Goodband tasted our wines and gave us bronze medals. We have entered the elite group of the IWSC winners.

So for that matter- Cheers!

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