“Hitch-hiked a thousand miles and brought you wine”

Kerouac, Book of Haikus


“Lovely winery with great owners (Mick & Beka)!
We took the detour to visit their place,
and were great with extraordinary Hospitality
and very, very good wine. Absolutely worth
the extra kilometers as the region is a little
forgotten by the world and therefore even more
interesting. The winery is directly next to the railway station,
and we missed it first as there is sign up yet.
The difficulties in finding the place, we made
up by the great range and taste of their products! Always again!


“We finally found wine to our taste.
The wine came from the RAJ (Paradise)
Winery; PLOT, Black Tamjanika. Taste,
try again, & so on. If you are a true lover
of wines then try the wines from RAJ
Winery cellar, in the village of Rajac, a
village famous for its many wineries.